Aly Before TheDowntownAly

Aly Before TheDowntownAly

 Yep! I had bangs! 

When I was a little girl my dream was to be a singer. All of my family including sisters, parents, and cousins all had amazing voices. I was always very shy and intimidated by my family’s talent. So I turned away from singing and tried other things. But deep down that’s what I wanted to do. Somewhere over the rainbow was one of the first songs I recorded myself on my computer. When I showed it to my family they were shocked that I was hiding my voice. So take a listen.

|My first band|

In 2007 I decided to record a whole album. My producer/cousin and Also musical genius Johnny Apple… Yes I said Johnny Apple that’s his real name. He told me that We needed to hire a back up singer to do all of the back up vocals on all of my tracks. And that’s when I met the love of my life Donovan. Here are some of the tracks that we recorded.

 Best day of my life was getting a phone call at 6 am in my apartment at Baylor University in Waco!  It was a radio station saying that “Save Me” was in the top 5 for an original song contest on 106.1 kiss fm. They played my song randomly for a year. I was on cloud nine! The Next song is a duet with me and my hubby. 

Music was a huge part of my life and always will be! When Donovan and I started dating I was his biggest fan! He was a lead singer in a rock band and I was front row every show! I realized his music was his life so I put in all my energy to be there for him. Here is a video of my hubby doing his thing!  

|Donny singing to me at his show|


When we got married and had kids, Music took a backseat. We both miss it a lot and we are hoping to record a duet album together! Let me know in the comments if we should do that. So that’s a little something you probably didn’t know about me! There is soooo much more so stay tuned! 



Don Mcdaniel


Don Mcdaniel

Wow, Aly. Your rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow … no words. I’m with Nelly – it brought tears to my eyes. There is a pureness and vulnerability to your voice that is so authentic and true, it would seem a shame not to showcase it alone. Your husband is a wonderful artist too, so I truly mean no offense AT ALL, so please don’t take it that way. It’s just that there is something about your voice that is breathtaking and it not only catches your ear, but it grabs the soul and makes one stop dead in their tracks. Honestly…. I would grab up a solo album of yours in a heartbeat! I replayed this song over and over and over! Can you make a Christmas album, like say… in a couple of weeks (max!) so we can grab that up and play it for the holidays?? ha. Truly…you have an amazing gift, and however you choose to showcase it, I’m sure, it will be absolutely marvelous! ?

Don Mcdaniel

Ok….so i haven’t even started following you yet….but believe me – just have to go back and press the button! Someone referred you and i like the photI️ – so came on over to your stories to take a look! ? I loved it right from the start with you singing happy birthday to a friend. Hysterical! Kept going and loved everything about it until i came to this story and now, we’ll i think your my new fav! Loved reading your sweet inspiring story while i listened to you belt out “Somewhere Over the Rainbow “! You’re awesome girl! Can’t wait to hear the duets! And can’t wait to start following you and see the fun, style, and real ness i have a feeling is in store! ?

Don Mcdaniel

Ali I just listened to your rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow and it is so incredibly beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes as today is my Mom’s birthday who has passed away and this song reminds me of her so much. You are so very talented Ali! You both are. Get back out there and share your voice with the world!

Don Mcdaniel

You have such and amazing voice. You guys are also amazing parents for putting your careers on hold to raise children but your kids are growing so I say it’s now time to pursue your dream once again,best of luck for the future!

Don Mcdaniel

You have a beautiful voice. The Instagram stories of you singing (even with a silly filter) are wonderful. Let your gift shine for the world to see.

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